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With London Tube employees on strike, getting around London is increasingly getting more difficult. Millions rely on the Tube daily to get to work and back. Without this service, people must find alternate ways to get around. Unfortunately, these alternative ways of transport are getting very expensive.A user scans for an available vehicle using the Uber app

Supply and demand is playing a major role in this strike. The popular international car service, Uber has been a main form of transportation for many, and Uber is taking advantage of this strike. Rather than lowering rates to help customers, they have tripled their rates in order to capitalize. Many believe that Uber is taking the wrong approach and will lose repeat customers due to the fare hike they are implementing. Experts believe they are making a smart decision since people will need to get to work and around, no matter the far, increased or not.

Besides the obvious of increasing fares, the increase in Uber’s needed has created jobs, and more opportunities for drivers, they are promoting split fares and make these rates more affordable.

Even though Uber offers drivers to create their own hours, many have a set schedule which they tend to stick to, but the opportunity to make extra cash is enticing for many. On the other side of the fence, drivers have a target amount they are looking to make daily, so with increased fares, that will cause for drivers to take less trips. In turn, this will minimize the number of Ubers on the road. Uber does not see this being the case.   Citizens are hoping the strike can end soon so they can get back to normal life fairly recently. Until then Uber will continue to have fare hikes.

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