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Consumers are appreciating the advantages of many digital banking apps. They are easy and
convenient to use, and consumers are appreciating that they no longer have to visit a branch to do
their banking. When mobile technology was in its infancy, banks, especially smaller credit unions,
struggled to understand what would best serve their consumers. Apps were pretty basic, but over
the last several years, banks have adjusted to make digital banking easier to use, more all-
encompassing of the bank member’s needs, and more reliable. Here are some of the best digital
banking apps.

When evaluating digital banking apps, there are several general components that are evaluated.
One of the components of a great banking app is the engagement that the apps provide. Many
banks are making their apps more engaging by allowing personalization and greater ease of use
with icons and design. The Financial Brand has put together a couple of banks that sought to make
their apps more engaging.

Societe General has made their app more user friendly with icons and visual balances. The visuals
make understanding your spending habits.
Capital One has made forgotten passwords a thing of the past by using a swiping system. People
who have difficulty remembering passwords can, instead, remember the directions of their swiping.
USAA provides hands-free voice command which is an added convenience for people who are
trying to complete multiple activities at the same time.
Mobile Banking Payment Functionality

Consumers have a need to do multiple activities on one app. They want to be able to have a
greater array of activities that they can completed on their phones. With this in mind, mobile apps
are providing functionality that, ten years ago, many people wouldn’t have even imagined.
Bank of America makes mobile bill-pay and payee additions.
Maven makes digital receipts.

Mobile-First Capabilities
Along with the large number of options, many apps are also offering personalization through GPS
that makes mobile banking even more useful and easy for the consumer.
Natwest offers cardless withdrawals from ATM’s to their consumers.
Bank Amerideals offers rewards and offers based on location through GPS.

These are a few of the stellar options on some of the top apps in the digital banking sector. Banks
that offer a combination of user ease, functionality, and mobile-first capabilities are the top-
performers in consumer satisfaction.