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Golden growth hacks in Fintech aren’t achieved through sheer luck, and neither do they involve complex tactical marketing approaches that require an entire team to accomplish. Instead, most are no more than simplistic but highly creative ideas with a perfect execution plan. Here are four such ideas that have catapulted Fintech startups to soaring heights within no time.

  1. Creating a ‘VIP access’ waitlist

You don’t have to wait until after product launch to start promoting it. What if you could have an army of subscribers waiting to subscribe or download your service as soon as you launch? You can achieve this by creating an awesome landing page for your upcoming product or service and start driving traffic to it where interested parties sign up to a waitlist. Remember to gamify the entire process to drive more interest. For instance, RobinHood app achieved this offering priority ‘VIP’ access to subscribers with most referrals.

  1. Freebies for referrals

Want to drive massive traffic with guaranteed signups or subscriptions to your new brand? Offer freebies for every referral to either or both parties. Such companies as PayPal and Uber achieved their immense global following by implementing this strategy where PayPal offered a $10 bonus for every referral sign up and Uber a complimentary ride. At first, it may seem impractical, but it always pays off with time and as sign-ups abound.

  1. Limited time offers

Getting people to talk about your brand ranks highly on the of growth hack techniques list. But how do you achieve this with a new brand? By creating an aurora of curiosity around your product. You can accomplish this through such acts as limited time subscription of VIP access offers or membership through exclusive invitation only.

Curiosity always gets the better of most people, and with a well-executed strategy, the news about your brand’s and limited offers and exclusive invitation creates a viral loop in no time. You can use this tactic to attract thousands of potential customers even before the product launches.

  1. Leveraging on industry influencers

Every industry has that one person that everyone listens to when they speak. Find them and sell them your Fintech idea, get a positive quote from them about your brand, and if possible ask them to share their about the brand with their online audience. This is enough to drive massive interest towards your product or service.

Bottom line

The good thing with most Fintech growth hacks is that two or more strategies can be combined for maximal effect. However, don’t forget that to hit the set targets, these techniques need the backing of equally effective anchor marketing strategies like informative landing pages.