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Mickael Marsali

Financial Expert, Entrepreneur, Top Sales Performer

Co-Founder of Arterial Capital Management

Currently serving as Senior Consultant


Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.43.20 PMMickael Marsali currently serves as a Senior Consultant for the Intermediary Marketing Team at Arterial Capital Management of which he is a founding member. He is a dedicated financial professional who, over the course of this fifteen year career, has advised and worked with an array of high profile and ultra-high-net worth clients.

Given his vast knowledge of the financial market and experience, he is a vital member of the sales team at Arterial Capital Management. His past work has dealt with alternative investments including, but not limited to, pharmaceuticals, derivatives, media, green projects, senior life settlements, and bio-ethanol.

Prior co-founding Arterial’s Intermediary Marketing Team in 2012, he worked for the Phoros Accountancy team as a Senior Technical Consultant. Here, Mickael Marsali was integral in collaborating with the investigations team regarding sophisticated HMRC enquiries and other group actions.

Outside of his career, Mickael Marsali enjoys the company of his wonderful family, including his wife and two sons, and traveling the globe. Thus far, he has been to five of the planet’s continents and hopes to continue his travels to experience first-hand the myriad cultures of the world. His favourite destinations include New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore amongst others. Additionally, he enjoys fine dining and racing exotic automobiles. Mickael, originally from France, has spent the majority of his life as a resident of the United Kingdom and currently lives in London.



Mickael holds degrees in Economics and Management from Royal Holloway University located in Surrey, and a Diploma of Finance from Clifton College. Mickael also speaks four languages fluently: English, French, Italian and Arabic.


His efforts have been quite successful in advising on various investment opportunities as he has raised more than £1 billion. In 2003, Mickael joined the AIM Listed Lighthouse Group in Plc. As a Senior Investment Consultant, he excelled as he was formally named ,each of the five years he was with Lighthouse, a top performing adviser from a pool of more than 1200 advisers.  He served as a member of this team for three years when Lincoln Financial Group was sold to inter-alliance

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